Although the term ‘licensing’ isn’t that hard to understand, the user rights granted to you in a beat license can be very confusing sometimes. I don’t want to go into the basic terminology of an agreement like who is the ‘Licensee’ or ‘Licensor.’ Instead, I’ll skip that part and move on to what matters most to you as an artist. 





Non-Exclusive Beat Licensing 

 Non-Exclusive licenses grant you specific user rights to the beat that you are about to record your lyrics and vocals on. It doesn’t mean that you own it (exclusively). The producer of the beat still retains copyright ownership of the beat. It means that the producer has the right to license the beat to whomever he wants to, until someone purchases an Exclusive license.


Exclusive Beat Licensing 

 When you own the Exclusive rights to a beat, you can use the master (your song) without limits on user rights (in comparison to beat licensing). Meaning that you can exploit your song to the fullest. You may exploit the master without any limitations in way or territory of use. Beat licensing is no longer an issue because you will own the exclusive rights to the song you created with the beat. That also means that after you have purchased the exclusive rights, we will no longer sell or license the beat on our website.The terms of the exclusive license can be discussed and changed to the needs of the artist.***We always advise artists to contact the producer first before purchasing an exclusive license. 



 So, now you have recorded your vocals to a beat, you must have some kind of copyright on your song right? Well… Yes and No!  What you have created is a derivative work or ‘New Song/Work’. So yes, you have copyright over the lyrics that you recorded over the beat but no, you still don’t have copyright to the music used for your song. Upon submitting your song to your publisher, they ask you who the copyright owners of the song are. In that case, you’ll have to tell them that you only have copyright over the lyrics and that you’ve created a ‘New work’ with copyright protected audio that has been non-exclusively licensed to you by the producer. 


Split Sheets 

 Producers differently determine the rights for beat. Typically, we always ask to execute a 50/50 split-sheet and we retain copyright ownership over the music we created. However, we can provide all 100% of rights to a beat (in this case, the rate will be much higher, since we grant complete ownership).  We will work with each artist or representative individually to determine the division of rights. 


 Publishing Rights 

With a non-exclusive license, we do offer 50% publishing rights.